By Jerry Wein

It’s fair to say that most Sixers diehard fans have never believed that Ben Simmons really had mental issues that caused him to miss 50-plus games this season.

And that it was his thin skin that motivated him to hold out for the trade to the Nets for James Harden.

Simmons knew that he would be skewered by the fan base for his woeful performance in last spring’s playoffs against the Hawks.

And he didn’t want to face the music.

Does that qualify as mental health.

But 76ers president Daryl Morey said he believes Simmons on the “Rights To Ricky Sanchez” podcast:

To be fair to him, he clearly – I believe him. He was going through something. And it was just whether or not we could’ve gotten to the point where we would have him play basketball for us.

I should have had a better relationship with Ben. I really believe that. That’s on me.

I think knowing how sensitive he was to public comments that that behooved us to be, just organizationally, more careful on that. I think it’s important you know your top players and their different spots where you have to pay attention.

I’m usually a more up-front person with trades with players. I’ll be very upfront with them when things could happen. Usually, it’s more around the deadline. So, the timing on the first Harden trade got very challenging, because it was in a time when trades don’t normally happen. And so I could’ve done a lot better.

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