By Art Beitchman

The Eagles lost a very winnable game in Miami last Sunday against a Dolphins team that threw in the towel weeks ago.

But the Birds lost 37-31, throwing down the toilet the slim playoff chance they had. Now it’s much slimmer!

The Eagles defense made journeyman QB Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Joe Montana, and WR DeVante Parker played the part of Jerry Rice with a 7-catch, 159- yard game with 2 TD’s!

It’s almost as if the Birds felt all they needed to do was show up and the Fins would just roll over — they did not, and in the process the Eagles disgraced themselves for the whole world to see, just awful!!

How a previously 5-6 team thinking they could overlook anybody is baffling enough, but it appeared as though these guys looked disinterested as their season came crashing down around them. They just took the beating and went home, totally inexcusable for a team from Philadelphia to comport itself on any field, court, or diamond, but there it was for all to see.

It would appear most improbable for the Birds to get off the deck and mount any kind of run the last four weeks of the NFL season, but we’ll see who has a modicum of pride left after the debacle in Miami last Sunday, they will get the chance playing the equally dreadful New York Giants on Monday, December 9, 8:15pm/ESPN

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