By Art Beitchman

It’s been two full weeks since 76ers All-Star center Joel Embiid has played in a regular season game.

That was a win over the NY Knicks a few days before his appearance in the sham dunk fest that the NBA All Star Game weekend has deteriorated into.

In that Knicks game, Embiid leaped over the first row to save a ball (above) as Sixers fans cringed with “Why Jo, why”!

He missed Academy Award-winner Regina King, but did he do damage to his left knee and hide that from the team in order to play in the meaningless game in Charlotte that Sunday?

Who knows?

All the team is saying is Jo has a “knee soreness” and will miss a week. That week has turned into four games missed post ASG.

It appears that the 76ers have a bit of miscommunication with their $30M franchise player in the most critical stretch of the season, jostling with Eastern Conference teams for playoff position!

Of course, the No. 1 goal is to get Embiid completely heathy for the last 20 games, and hopefully a long playoff run.

Not helping the situation was back-up center Boban Marjanovic ugly knee injury at the end of this weeks’1-point win over the Pelicans. Fortunately he’ll be back at some point too.

These two valuable centers are key to Sixers success going forward, getting them back sooner rather than later.



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