By Sally Fahey

DeSean Jackson is back for his second chapter with the Eagles after having lit up the sky from 2008 to 2013 before being cut by goofball coach Chip Kelly.

Now, after stints with the Redskins and Bucs, he’s back as a 32-year-old wise man!

He has two main goals: win football games and help the young guys.

Earlier in his career, Jackson wanted to be a star on the team and cared a lot about his individual stats, and sometimes he made that the priority over winning football games.

Jackson’s comments on the Eagles team website show how much he has changed:

“It’s good to be an addition to what they’ve already got,” Jackson said. “I’m just happy to be an addition to whatever it is that they need or that I need. Let’s make it happen. I’m ready to get back into it … When I was here, I was young the first time around. Leaving and really stepping up and being a pro and taking my job seriously – not to say I didn’t take it seriously before – but it took time to grow and just to learn. And where I’m at now, I’m seen a lot, I’ve been through a lot, so I have a lot to give back to the young guys. I have a lot to offer.”

Jackson has a really good relationship with coach Doug Pederson, and it’s a big reason he worked his way back to the Eagles. Last season Jackson caught 41 passes for 774 yards and four touchdowns. He knows those numbers might go down this year, and he is just fine with that as long as the team is winning games.

“I’m here to amp guys up, run around, and make big plays,” Jackson said, smiling. “That’s what I do. That’s why I’m here and I’m ready to get after it.”

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