By Max Harper

Derek Barnett has been a disappointment ever since he was drafted out of Tennessee in 2017.

Eagles fans were fed the notion that there was a Reggie White somewhere inside Barnett’s CV, probably because they both played for the Vols.

Now, five years later, Barnett is facing a make-or-break season with a new two-year deal worth $14 million.

And Brandon Graham, the Eagles defensive rock, likes what he sees:

“I can see that chip on his shoulder, even more than usual, just working on the details,” Graham told reporters last week.

“I feel like it just hasn’t happened for him yet like he wanted to but I think this year he’s going to really have a big year because he’s already just out there running around.

“He’s doing a lot of good stuff. Every day in film coach is always talking about what a good job he’s doing. And he’s just trying to prove to everybody that the Eagles drafted him for a reason and that reason is going to show up this year.”

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