By Baxter Brodkey

In an appearance on The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Sixers big boss Daryl Morey detailed how one general manager in the Western Conference was literally out to lunch a few days before the James Harden trade went down:

“We’re debating whether we give up two first-round picks [for Harden], and I’ll rewind a couple of days: I was talking to a Western Conference team who, we liked a player on their team. We offered one first for that player, they said no. I got a little bothered with their GM, I’m like, ‘This guy’s never going to give this player up’, but I’m just going to offer two firsts to see what happens.

“Very quickly he’s like “No” to two firsts. This is a player, by the way, that every 2K player, Colin Cowherd, Nick Wright – every human on Earth would’ve said, ‘Oh my god, you have to give up that player for two firsts.’ I just did it, just to see. He said no immediately.

“So fast-forward to the final day and we’re debating the two firsts, and one of our great front office people are like, ‘Three days ago we couldn’t even get this player for two firsts, why are we debating this? Why are we talking about this? We can get James Harden, a Hall of Fame player, and you’re worrying about a first in the future that’s protected?’”

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