By Max Harper

On the “Pulp Phiction” podcast, Eagles cornerback Darius Slay discussed how he nearly joined the Baltimore Ravens after the Eagles cut him in 2023 for financial reasons.

When he was on the verge of signing, however, longtime Eagles staffer “Big Dom” DiSandro called him and told him to come back.

“I really committed to the Ravens and was going to go,” Slay said.

“Then Dom called and said ‘Slay, I want you here.’ And I’m like, you know what, Dom? You calling me, Dom? I’m coming back. … That’s my dog. I love Dom, man. He looks out for me and my family.”

Slay has previously talked about how he was nearly a Raven. This is the first we’ve heard of Big Dom’s intervention, though.

A regular figure on the Eagles sideline and hugely popular among Eagles fans, DiSandro made headlines last season when he got involved in a shoving match with an opposing player. That incident got him banned from the sideline for the rest of the regular season, which may have actually negatively impacted the team down the stretch.

Big Dom recently received a promotion to director of gameday coaching operations for the team. Clearly, the Eagles know how important he is.

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