By Peter Gleason

You gotta’ hand it to the Inky’s Marcus Hayes.

He’s wrong about almost everything, that is true.

And he takes ridiculous positions from time to time.

But he is a dogged reporter.

He actually found someone who is a doctor of psychology, to defend crybaby Ben Simmons’ claims of mental instability for the reason he has not gotten on the court this season for the Sixers:

Check this out:

“I’m not skeptical. I take Ben Simmons seriously when he raises that,” said Dr. Joel Fish, director of the Center for Sport Psychology in Philadelphia and a former consultant for the Flyers, Phillies, and, yes, the Sixers. “I understand some other people are skeptical about it.”

Fish isn’t working with Simmons, or for the Sixers, right now, but he has worked with hundreds of pro athletes over the last 25 years, and he’s basically seen it all, from every angle.

“Can someone use mental health issues as a reason not to perform? Yeah,” Fish said. “But nine out of 10 of the pro athletes who raised this issue with me are very serious about exploring it. Can one take advantage of it? Sure.”