By Mary Cunningham

Very few NFL coaches know Eagles QB Carson Wentz as well as Frank Reich

Reich recently heard that Wentz was ‘selfish’ and ‘egotistical.’ Some of his current teammates took a stand to defend Wentz, but his former coach also came to his defense.

According to Jeff Kerr of 24/7 Sports, Reich took exception to reports criticizing Wentz.

“It makes me laugh. Having been there for two years, having been part of the process that drafted him there and getting to know him the way I know him. There’s not many people in this league that I think more highly of than Carson. I know him very, very close and I’m not saying this to defend him, and I don’t need to defend him as his teammates are doing that quite well.”

Reich was the Eagles’ offensive coordinator during Wentz’s first two seasons and stresses that he knows the type of player he is. Reich strongly suggested that the reports are simply not factual. Reich even went as far as to say the exact opposite in terms of the reports of Wentz being ‘selfish.’

“This guy is a humble guy. This guy is a competitor though. This guy knows what he wants. This guy is a leader . This guy has so much stinkin’ juice, it’s unreal. I can understand how people can perceive things that aren’t true, but in this case he’s another one of those elite quarterbacks. He didn’t care one thing about stats. At the end of the day, he’s not checking his stat line because he can break this record. All he wanted to do was win and ultimately that’s what he wanted to do more than anything else.”

Considering how closely Reich and Wentz were in terms of running the offense, Reich’s views on Wentz should speak a good deal of volume despite conflicting reports.

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