By Michael Donovan

Cris Carter of FS1 is reporting that Cowboys stud running back Ezekiel Elliott is about to be suspended:

Carter said on FS1’s Undisputed that “in the next 48 hours I would be shocked if Zeke was not suspended.” Carter added that, “based on the information that’s going to come out, it’s going to be fairly easy to determine that something happened to this woman in her four days of being with Zeke.” (The specific allegation is that Elliott committed five acts of domestic violence in a six-day window.)

Carter described the situation as a case of “assault or domestic violence,” and Carter hinted that “when the information comes out there’s going to be some similarities” to Tom Brady’s suspension, including “information that he had been advised possibly to give up, that was destroyed.”

Carter ultimately suggested that Elliott’s banishment will be in the range of Brady’s four-game suspension. If this happens, it will contradict multiple proclamations from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regarding the absence of any evidence of domestic violence.

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