By Harry Allison

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been reported to be off-the-charts angry at NFL commish Roger Goodell for suspending his prize running back Zeke Elliott.

Even though the courts have reversed that suspension and allowed Zeke to play while the case is under appeal.

So, Jones has threatened to sue the NFL if a contract extension for commissioner Goodell is approved by the league’s compensation committee, sources told ESPN.

A team owner and a team executive told Outside the Lines that Jones has hired David Boies, the famed New York lawyer who represented Vice President Al Gore in the deadlocked 2000 presidential election — and who led the NFL’s court case during a dispute over the 2011 collective bargaining agreement negotiations. More recently, Boies defended Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein against sexual assault allegations.

The sources told Outside the Lines that Jones has been exploring the lawsuit option through Boies, if Goodell’s contract is extended after the 2018 season as is being considered.

Jones has not identified the grounds of such a lawsuit, but one source said Jones is exploring whether a requirement that two-thirds of owners must approve a commissioner’s contract could be increased to three-fourths of owners.

Another source said that Boies also might be asked by Jones to produce a report showing the negative economic impact that Goodell’s major decisions, including player discipline, have had on clubs.

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