Quite a limb he has just climbed out onto, especially considering that the Boys just one their first playoff game since 1996 and haven;t won a Supe since 1993!

By Frank Sullivan

Ah yes, the prognostications of April, when all things seem possible.

Unless you are the Dallas Cowboys, who new defensive signer Greg Hardy got suspended for 10 games for domestic abuse!

No matter.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had a prediction that surprised even the greatest Dallas diehards:.

“We’re going to win a Super Bowl next year.”

Predictions about the Super Bowl at this point are worth about as much as stock in a VCR manufacturer, but Romo and the Cowboys have plenty of reasons to feel good about themselves coming off of a 12-win season. Their passing game remains potent and they’re likely to add another back in the draft to run behind an offensive line that might be the best in football, which should lead to points on the scoreboard.

If the draft can also turn up some defensive contributors, this year’s unit should look better equipped than the group that outperformed expectations in 2014. Saying that all adds up to Dallas’ sixth Super Bowl title is a stretch at this point, but it’s hard to blame Romo for feeling good about his chances.

For the Eagles, Romo’s boast will just be blackboard fodder for their two games against the Cowboys.

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