By Sarah Berkowitz

You’ll never guess who thinks it was a lousy idea for the Cowboys to let 2014 NFL rushing king DeMarco bolt to the Eagles, which he did last week:

michael-irvin-cowboys-eaglesHall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin (left), who knows a thing or two about the Philly-Dallas rivalry:

Irvin thinks that when you have a player as good as DeMarco Murray, you need to do what it takes to hold onto him. And Irvin wonders why the Cowboys would let Murray leave for Philly.

“I think this is poor decision-making on the Cowboys’ part, on many different levels,” Irvin told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Irvin said the salary cap considerations are real, but that some players are good enough that you need to figure out a way to fit them under your cap. Murray is one of those players.

“I don’t care if you pay him a little more than you wanted to. I think that’s not a bad thing; that’s a good thing because it send a better message to the locker room,” Irvin said. “You perform; you will get taken care of. I’m a little worried about the residual of this message that they’re sending.”

In Irvin’s opinion, losing Murray is going to hurt — even if the Cowboys could acquire Adrian Peterson to replace him.

“How do I know that Adrian Peterson and Dez Bryant are going to get along? How do I know these things. I don’t,” Irvin said.

The Cowboys don’t know what their offense will look like without Murray. But it probably won’t look as good as it looked last year.


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