Eagles starting QB and team leader Michael Vick (left) couched for Cooper in 2013, which probably saved the wide receiver’s roster spot.

By Theodore N. Beitchman

Like the man said:

“Everybody is entitled to his own opinion, but everybody is not entitled to his own facts.

It is a fact that the local lame-ass media and great swaths of the national media, which hovers over Philly from 35,000 feet and dispenses boring conventional wisdom, have decided that Riley Cooper’s existence as an Eagle is at the root of the phony controversy about whether or not Eagle Supreme Leader Chip Kelly is a (choose one or more):


A serial non-communicator.

A “my way or the highway” guy.

Divorced, which no one seemed to know until a boring Washington Post thumb-sucker uncovered this factoid two weeks ago.

It is also a fact that this is the “silly season” in which there isn’t much to report on the Eagles — especially today because there is no training camp practice.

But at some point Mike Missanelli and Josh Innes and Rob Ellis have to face the fact that:

The only reason that Cooper, who is white, stayed on the Eagles after his awful racist epithet went viral in September 2013 was because both Michael Mick and Jason Avant, leaders in the locker room and African-Americans, publicly expressed their support for their teammate Jackson.

Not because if they hadn’t they would be tagged as malcontents, as some in the media have said.

Cooper stayed, and largely because Jeremy Maclin, the Eagles best wide receiver, suffered a season-ending ACL injury, Cooper thrived on the 10-6 team that won the NFC East.

Just this morning on the Fanatic, the normally level-headed Ellis was pumping someone named Jimmy Kempski — who, by the way the next time he names a source of his will be a first.

And Kempski conflated Cooper’s presence on the roster with one of the reasons Tra Thomas, Shady McCoy and now Brandon Boykin raised issues about Kelly’s alleged racism/communication failures.

The above-named Eagles are now former because the coach decided they weren’t what he wanted. That’s the way the NFL and every other organization I have ever seen works.

Thomas burned a bridge by publicly criticizing Kelly and now will have an impossible time finding another coaching gig; McCoy has demonstrated that his emotional maturity is regressing to that of a 12-year old with his rants, party invites and other silly comments. Boykin is an undersized nickel back who couldn’t even start for Andy Reid, the man who drafted him in 2012.

It seems to me that Kelly is not a racist, but I don’t know him so I don’t know how he communicates. Though Louis Riddick, a former Eagle exec now with ESPN (who happens to be African-American) vouched for his communication skills yesterday with Mikey Miss.

And, as far as communication is concerned, Kelly is a maestro at the presser podium, rattling off answers as quickly as they come. Unlike his predecessor, Reid, who communicated in grunts and voice-clearings.

Riley Cooper had a down year in 2014 following his surprisingly productive 2013, which earned him a new contract.

But if he doesn’t produce in 2015 he will be gone faster than you can say:


And that is a fact.

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