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By Mark Gallagher

Colts QB Carson Wentz is on the COVID list, and we all assume that he has not been vaccinated against the virus, unlike the vast majority of NFL players, who want to avoid a forfeit.

Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel has seen enough of Wentz, whom he bashed in his latest column:

The Indianapolis Colts could release Carson Wentz right now, and I’d help pack his bags. Where does he live? Because he’ll need a ride to the airport,” Doyel writes to open his column.

This was so avoidable, but these guys, for whatever reason, have decided to ignore every credible bit of scientific evidence to listen to crackpots or despots or whatever voice is trying to tell them: Pssst, you know better than every credible epidemiologist in the country.

Hell, do these guys even know what an epidemiologist is? It’s someone who studies outbreaks of diseases, Darius. It’s someone who went to school for a decade or more, just to learn how to best combat viruses like COVID-19, Carson.”

Carson Wentz is the worst of the bunch, in a football sense, because he’s the most important player on the team. He’s the most indispensable player on roster, and the Colts have no idea if he’ll make it through any given week without having to go back onto the COVID-19 list simply for being too close to a teammate who tests positive. I’ll remind you that, when the Colts acquired Wentz, I defended his arrival despite the reports out of Philadelphia that had called him a bad teammate. And selfish.

Turns out, Carson Wentz is a bad teammate. He’s selfish. Turns out he fits right into this Colts locker room.