By Michael Donovan

Give Eagles coach Chip Kelly credit, though some members of the lame-ass local media won’t:

Kelly’s methods are criticized in some quarters, but in college at Oregon and in the pros with the Eagles, his teams keep attacking. In just more than two seasons, Kelly’s Birds have posted three victories after trailing by 14 points or more.

It’s not just about the Eagles’ fast pace. There’s a consistency in effort and a commitment to the style of play that transcends the scoreboard. The Redskins may have a more plodding offensive style, but in their own way, they’re playing in a system that is supposed to wear down opponents. They have to be more focused on competing for four quarters.

“I just say it all comes back to the players,” Kelly said. “We’ve got some very mentally strong players here. I’ve been fortunate everywhere I’ve been that we’ve had players that are very mentally strong. You’re going to be up, and you’re going to be down, but you have to really play consistent throughout and not really pay attention to what the score of the game is. Sometimes you end up on top, sometimes you don’t end up on top, but what’s going on from a score standpoint shouldn’t dictate how you’re playing.”

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