By Sarah Berkowitz

Chalk this up to news that we could have predicted.

According to the Associated Press, NFL owners have three proposals on the table specific to extra points when they meet next week in San Francisco.

The Eagles proposal would have two-point conversion attempts coming from the 1-yard line, and offering the defense the chance to score on turnovers on two-point tries. That puts it in line with the college rules Chip Kelly knows so well — and one that would give Eagle newbie Tim Tebow (above) a big advantage.

The competition committee (sans suspended co-chair Rich McKay) proposal mirrors the Eagles plan, except with two-point conversion attempts coming from the 2-yard line.

The proposal forwarded by the Patriots offers the chance to snap from the 15-yard line for a one-point kick or snapping from the 2-yard line for teams trying a two-point conversion.

Teams are currently kicking from the 2-yard line, and they’re so easy as to be boring, leading most owners to want to juice the system. It takes 24 of 32 votes to pass any of the proposals, and it seems inevitable that one will be adopted.


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