By Peter Gleason

You gotta’ hand it to Chip Kelly.

If his Eagles, who start the season Monday night in Atlanta, don’t go all the way to the Super Bowl next February 7, he’s already thinking about 2016!

“When we get to this point, our concern is the season,” Kelly said when asked if he weighs one player’s potential over another’s immediate help. “We’re not going to keep a young guy that we think is going to help us two or three years down the road and sacrifice something that could benefit us right now. But each individual case you’ll look at and kind of see where the pluses and minuses are in terms of keeping this player.

“Really our main focus is this season, and especially with the turnover in the National Football League, this team could look drastically different again next year.”

Maybe it’s his college football background where the team does change every year. Or maybe it’s the way of the new NFL where there are no longer five-year plans and everyone is in win-now mode.

The bottom line is Kelly isn’t afraid of change.

“Not at all,” his defensive coordinator Billy Davis said. “Chip has no fears. He does not make decisions based on fear of failure. Since day one Chip’s been evolving this thing. The whole program has been changed and tweaked. What doesn’t work is out and what does is in.”


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