In the Players’ Tribune, the top pick in the draft nominates Joel Embiid for mayor:

People sometimes tell me I don’t show a lot of emotion or whatever. The truth is, my mom raised me to never celebrate too much when things are good, and to never get too down when things aren’t. Life throws a lot at you, she’s always told me, so you have to stay on your toes and have faith. But today, man … this is one of those days when I know she’d be cool with me celebrating a little bit.

It’s funny though — as excited as I am, Joel Embiid is 10 times more turnt right now. He’s probably popping off on Twitter or IG as we speak. Since I visited, I swear Joel’s texted me 75 times since then. I’m not mad, I’m just concerned about his data plan.

Sorry, did I say Joel Embiid? I meant Mayor Embiid. Philly’s No. 1 spokesperson. He would be a great mayor:

What’s Up, Philly

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