By Peter Gleason

Kevin Hart is a Philly guy, so he should no better.

All we ask from our star athletes is that leave everything they have on the field of battle.

Or court.

That’s why Allen Iverson is a stone-cold hero and Ben Simmons is a buffoon.

But Hart came to his friend’s defense on the “All the Smoke” podcast:

“I’ll say this on record; Ben Simmons is a fucking star.

Philadelphia, man, we’re a different city. A friend of mine, he’s had this joke, where he was at a football game, and at halftime, the guy’s got a frisbee and he’s just throwing it. The dog is supposed to be catching the frisbee. The dog dropped it a couple times, they start booing the fucking dog. It’s a dog!

Philadelphia is just a different city, man. You gotta let players play like they play. He got there by playing how he plays. Granted, this a three (point) shooting time in the NBA. That ain’t Ben. He’s not that guy. He’s not that guy.

Now, because of the media and how they, you know, position things, well somehow we forgot about all the good that he did.

Wasn’t he an All-Star? Wasn’t he all-defensive team? What are we talking about?”

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