By Harry Allison

In case you have been wondering where Bill Simmons is since ESPN essentially shit-canned him for wanting too much money and attracting no ratings:

He resurfaced yesterday on Boston radio to opine about what the Sixers should do with the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Warning: Simmons is a stone-cold Celtics butt-boy, and the following is not only not possible but actually idiotic:

“I think the guy they’re [the Celtics] going to trade for is Okafor. That almost happened in February. And if you think about it, it makes a ton of sense for Philly. … They basically spent all these high lottery picks on big guys — Nerlens Noel, (Joel) Embiid … and then last year Okafor. And meanwhile the league’s gone small, and you need perimeter guys to win in the NBA.

If you’re Philly, first of all if you put Ben Simmons with any of those guys, it doesn’t really make sense. Ben Simmons can’t shoot. He’s probably a stretch-four in the NBA and he can’t shoot, which makes him just a four. And you already have a bunch of guys who can’t shoot. So I think if you’re Philly, I just think it makes sense to trade Okafor for (the No. 3 pick) … and Philly could take Jamaal Murray at (No. 3), and they could take Ingram or Simmons at (No. 1). .. And for the Celtics, you could argue Okafor could be the best player in this draft.”

Sorry, Bill, but there are two problems with your thesis:

(1) Okafor is arguably the best player on the Sixers roster now and after the draft.

(2) Ex-general manager Sam Hinkie, who flirted with trading Jah last February, is no longer in charge. An adult, Bryan Colangelo, is!

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