By Ben Sullivan

Villanova. coach Jay Wright, who is the George Clooney of the Final 4, says the casual look gives him more anxiety when Villanova travels because all the coaches are supposed to match.

“They send me pictures of what to wear,” Wright told USA Today. “I can’t tell the colors. I’m always nervous I match up the right gear. It’s difficult. When you wear a suit, I just pick whatever I want to pick. That’s been challenging for me this year.

“If I don’t match my guys — because we have so much stuff — it looks like (I) screwed it up. I’m much more nervous about that than I ever was about what suit I wore.”

Kansas coach Bill Self said the decision to remain casual this season was dictated by a coaches’ vote and hopes it remains that way into the future. There’s certainly value in looking good, especially in such an image-conscious and visible position like a college basketball coach. But at the end of the day, it’s just sports.

“Coaching against Jay, I’m happy there’s no wardrobe suits because nobody could compete with him in that regard,” Self said. “I like the direction it’s moving. It’s certainly a little more comfortable.”

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