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Nineteen sixty is as important a date in Philly sports history as it was in political history with the presidential election of John F. Kennedy, whose 1,000 days in office would always have an association with "Camelot."

And in those days Eagles news and Eagles rumors were not nearly as well-reported or well-read as they are today. And there were no such things as Eagles blogs!

As any long-suffering obsessed Birds fan will tell you, 1960 was the last time the NFL title flag flew atop this town - 54 years years without a title is now the cross Jeffrey Lurie must bear as he and Chip Kelly shoot for the Super Bowl this year. ''I think one of the reasons [Kelly's] been successful, his staff has been successful is it's been such an excellent team approach, whether it's dealing with player personnel, dealing with the trainers, dealing with sports science," Lurie told a gaggle of reporters whose job it is to report Eagles news, Eagles rumors and write Eagles blogs.

''Everyone is humble about it. Nobody is trying to take responsibility for anything. To be better than 31 other teams, you better be a really good team. It's just not about one person."

Lurie's annual state-of-the-team news conference had a different flavor than recent years. The Eagles are clearly a team on the rise so expectations are higher than they've been since Terrell Owens arrived in 2004 to help Donovan McNabb snap a string of three straight losses in the NFC championship game.

''It'll rise every year because you just want to get better and better,'' Lurie told reporters of Eagles news, Eagles blogs and Eagles rumors of increased expectations. ''You never want to plateau out. Getting better every day is my expectation.''

Lurie is entering his 20th season in Philly. The Eagles have done it all since he bought the team except for winning the Super Bowl. They came close after losing the three straight NFC championships only to lose 24-21 to New England in the 2005 NFL title game.

''I'm obsessed with it,'' Lurie told the press who cover Eagles news, Eagles rumors and Eagles blogs, about winning a Super Bowl. ''I think if you love the sport as much as I do, and you love this team and this city as much as I do, that's the ultimate goal. Until that happens it's a hunger.''

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