By Theodore N. Beitchman

Angelo Cataldi runs the WIP Clown Car each morning, and he supplements his salary by writing in the Philly Metro.

In his column of Sept. 29, which is online now, he performs such a jujitsu on reality that it is worth mentioning.

Last week he wrote:

I, for one, was embarrassed that I had placed so much faith in this unconventional coach. Embarrassed that I had endorsed a roster makeover that now looks more like a demolition project. Embarrassed that I had predicted an absurd 13 wins. Embarrassed that I had failed to see the painful truth.

Now, there is no way to avoid our current reality as Eagles fans, not after that atrocious 20-10 loss to Dallas. The Birds offense is shockingly bad. The offensive line is a sieve, with guards who cannot execute the most basic of blocks. And the genius who selected these players and who calls the plays has lost his way, if not his mind.

And in tomorrow’s Metro he writes:

Pope Francis isn’t the only one who left town on Sunday. The army of doomsayers who presided over the most negative week in recent Eagles history also said goodbye to our city — at least for now — after the Eagles performed their own miracle, a 24-17 win over the New York Jets.

Suddenly, the Eagles are a game out of first place in the putrid NFC East, and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo’s collarbone is still broken. The Giants are awful, and the Redskins — next on the Birds’ schedule — are even worse.

Does anybody want to bet against the Eagles winning the division now? Is anyone still planning to send coach Chip Kelly back to college? Are there any fans quitting on a season that is three games old?

Memo to Angelo:

You led the army of doomsayers you now decry!

Do you not know that your columns are archived, just as your career as a crypto-journalist should be?

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