By Tom Brennan

You gotta hand it to Reuben Frank.

The NBCSP blowhard has found a niche as a stats expert in a time when stats are all the rage, thanks to the silly emphasis on analytics that has swept through NFL front offices.

Especially the Eagles.

They are led by an owner, Jeffrey Lurie, and GM, Howie Roseman, who don’t know much about blocking and tackling, let alone assessing college talent.

Frank fits right in with them.

He is a lot like Leonard Koppett, the old New York Times man, who always carried a massive briefcase.

“Hey, Lenny what you got in that briefcase,” someone once asked.

“Decimal points,” Jimmy Cannon answered!

That’s Reuben Frank.

If you want to know stats, he’s your man.

Judging talent?

Not so much.

He still believes that Carson Wentz can be a top-shelf NFL QB.

If only he adjusted his game to his injuries…

Wentz still has the ability to play at a really high level.

Get this: From Week 4 through Week 16 – a 12-game span – he threw 22 TDs and 5 INTs and completed 64 percent of his passes.

The Colts went 9-3 during that period, and only Aaron Rodgers and Joe Burrow had a higher passer rating.

But then you see him in the biggest moments reverting back to the guy whose mind says it’s still 2017 while his body keeps insisting it’s 2021.

You can’t win with that Carson Wentz.

It took Randall quite a while till it all clicked, and maybe that’ll happen with Carson, too.

I’m convinced there’s still a gifted quarterback in there somewhere. He’s just got to come to terms with some difficult realities about the way he plays quarterback.

And I’m not sure he can.

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