Governor Blowhard goes after our own councilman (photo above): “He’s got to get somebody besides his parents to know who he is” — which is exactly what Christie has done during his entire political career

By David F. Cohen

One of the long-held axioms in politics was defined by for President Richard Nixon:

“Never shoot down.”

In other words, never criticize someone who holds a lesser office than yourself because that only serves to elevate him or her.

Chris Christie, the bully-boy governor of New Jersey, has obviously never heard of that rule.

cChristie says the Philly councilman who called him names for rooting for the Dallas Cowboys when they skunked the Eagles on Sunday night did it for the media attention.

The governor, a longtime Cowboys fan, blasted Philly councilman Jim Kenney for calling him a “fat ass.” Kenney tweeted the comment because Christie was sitting with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during the game.

“Listen, I’m not going to get into it,” Christie said on his monthly radio show, before throwing a jab at Kenney.

“First of all, who?” Christie said.

The governor went on to say Kenney was in search of headlines when he assailed Christie over Twitter, calling the governor “a creep.”

“I don’t even know who this guy is,” Christie said on New Jersey 101.5-FM. “There’s lots of people who attempt to use me to increase (their) own fame.”

Christie added: “He’s got to get somebody besides his parents to know who he is.”

Earlier in the day, Christie defended his Dallas fandom.

“I’m a Cowboys fan,” Christie said. “This is like the worst kept secret in America.”

Also, Christie added, the only reason his appearance at Sunday’s game received attention was because the Eagles lost.

“If the Eagles had won you wouldn’t have heard anything about it,” he said.

ce today he used to defended his allegiance to the Cowboys.

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