By Jerry Magee

Let’s forget for the moment what has been written and said about Shady McCoy in the Philly media:

That he called out Chip Kelly for being a racist and never backed it up with facts.

That he stiffed a server on a tip in an Old City restaurant and then tried to rationalize it.

That he blows hot and cold with the frequency of lame-ass Michael Barkann.

Here is what Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News had to say about McCoy:

On Saturday night, ESPN aired a moving two-hour documentary on the Bills’ four Super Bowl losses, titled “Four Falls of Buffalo.” If you haven’t seen it yet, make a point to do so.

Bills fans all over the world, and sports lovers in general, had to be in tears watching that film. Its message, brought home most eloquently by Scott Norwood and Jim Kelly, was that an athlete and a city can dignify themselves in defeat, and that it’s how you handle loss that defines you as a man.

Someone should sit down LeSean McCoy and make him watch it. The man known as “Shady” might learn a thing or two about showing class in defeat. One day after the old Bills were ennobled in posterity, McCoy disgraced the current team with his sullen, petulant act after a 23-20 loss.

Sullivan wasn’t done there:

McCoy didn’t stop to greet any of his former teammates, or congratulate them on a win that kept them in first place in the NFC East. This is typical of Shady, a notorious poor loser. He bolted off to the visiting locker room, slamming his helmet against the concrete wall on his way up the tunnel.

Sullivan wasn’t the only member of the Buffalo media to rip McCoy, as Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News also laid into McCoy for refusing to answer questions:

But for all of the hype preceding his first game against the team for which he ranks as the all-time leading rusher, for all of the talk about not shaking Kelly’s hand, for all of the walking around the locker room and going into meeting rooms all week to urge his players to step up and have his back, McCoy failed to deliver. Then, he topped it all off with the immature move of refusing to speak with reporters after the game. That made him the only Bills player not to address the media.

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