By Peter Gleason

Lots of media types are jumping on the Eagles’ bandwagon in anticipation of a great season, but one of the greatest Eagles of all-time knows whereof he speaks:

“People are going to call me a homer,” former Birds great and current ESPN analyst Brian Dawkins (20, above) told Mike Missanelli Friday on 97.5 FM the Fanatic. “That’s silly because I haven’t picked the Eagles to win anything since I’ve been there. But, I think this is the year.

“I think this is the year you see the Eagles in the Super Bowl against the Patriots and the Eagles win that. If they gel, the quarterback stays healthy, this is my preseason prediction but from what I’ve been able to gather, I just believe they have a case right now to do what they need to do to win the last four games like they’re supposed to and like they didn’t do last year.”

Of course an Eagles victory in Santa Clara, Calif. this February would be the first Super Bowl championship in franchise history and snap a 55-year championship drought.

As for the last time the Eagles and Patriots met with the Vince Lombardi trophy at stake, Dawkins says that he does not subscribe to the theory that Spygate played a role in Tom Brady and company winning the game.

“They beat us, man,” Dawkins said. “I’m not one of those guys who’s a sour grapes dude. I’m not. I grew up with people in my neighborhood who cheated or broke rules. They’d try to cheat in pick-up games and I’d beat ’em.

“If they cheat and they beat you, they beat you and I didn’t. All of these people who are talking about how ‘we beat them,’ we didn’t beat them. Even if they prove without a shadow of a doubt that they cheated in that game, knew all of our stuff, the NFL does not do like college does. It does not go back and take away wins or victories. The only thing they would do is maybe put an asterisk besides the Patriots’ name. But guess who’s name would still be in the record books? The Patriots.

“We gave up a field goal on that game winning drive at the end of the game. Period. They beat us. Period. That’s how I look at that game. I’m not a sour grapes guy. Period.”

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