By Michael Bennett

Brett Favre, the Hall of Fame quarterback and former teammate of Eagles coach Doug Pederson with the Packers (above), loves the Eagles chances in the playoffs.

“It was a trying time for him,” Favre said about Pederson on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “After that Saints game, they got just absolutely destroyed and what I saw was a team who’d thrown in the towel, had nothing left in the tank and really had gone south. Like most, if I were a betting man I would’ve put my money that they are done.”

They’re 5-1 since that loss to the Saints and are among the league’s hottest teams heading into the postseason, which begins on Sunday on the road in a matchup with the Chicago Bears.

Now, Favre feels like the NFL should be very afraid, and he started feeling that way after watching Nick Foles guide the Eagles to an upset win (on the road) against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 15.

“When I watched the Rams game I said ‘Boy, if they get in, look out, because nobody is going to want to play them,” Favre said. “To me, that’s the whole thing about the playoffs. I don’t think anyone, whether you’re an Eagles fan or not can look at the Eagles and not say right now, they’re the hottest team in football.

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