By Art Beitchman

Unfortunately for 76ers fans, head coach Brett Brown keeps making the same boneheaded mistakes during this restart of the NBA season in Orlando.

Brown’s inability to make basic coaching adjustments in game have cost this club two games over the last couple of weeks.

His refusal to double-team a hot shooter has led to L’s against the Pacers and more recently the Blazers!

Why the brain lock in crucial parts of games when a defensive switch is needed to stop the bleeding?

When questioned about this very subject a few days ago after Blazers guard Damien Lilliard scorched them for 51 points, Brown hemmed and hawed, but never answered the simple question: Why not get the ball out of these players hands with a strong double team the rest of the game, crickets.

Pacers forward TJ Warren also lit them up for 53 points a few weeks ago in another Sixers loss!

The 76ers first playoff opponent will be the Boston Celtics, and they also have a player that’s had his way with the 76ers — guard Kemba Walker went off on the Sixers for 61 points a couple seasons ago while playing for Charlotte.

I’m curious if Brown will finally decide to run extra defenders at Walker when the playoffs start, or revert to his stubborn ways of the past when the NBA playoffs start next week.

It’s widely been pointed out this 76er team has underachieved big time under Brown. He will need playoff-winning magic to save his job, without injured Ben Simmons who will be sidelined for the early rounds.





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