By Lewis Gould

The Eagles haven’t commented yet on the news that Sam Bradford wants to be traded.

But surely they must have seen this fastball coming right at their heads!

Surely, Howie Boy Roseman must have taken this possibility into consideration when he pulled the trigger on last week’s trade that moved the Birds up from No. 8 to No. 2 in Thursday’s draft.


It’s one thing to have a defensive player or a wide receiver holding out of the offseason. It’s quite another to have your presumptive starting quarterback trying to get out of town.

In short: This messy situation is only getting started for the Eagles.

Bradford re-signed with the Eagles in February, but the team looks dramatically different than they did when that occurred. Philly signed Chase Daniel to an expensive contract to back up Bradford and then traded a phalanx of draft picks to move up to the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft, where they will presumably take Carson Wentz.

We’d be surprised if Bradford winds up being dealt, but this offseason has taught us to never say never. He was given an $11 million signing bonus to sign with Eagles in February, which would make Bradford particularly painful to move. The Eagles essentially will have spent all that money for nothing.

On the flip side, Bradford is only due $7 million in base salary. He’s essentially established as a replacement level starting quarterback and that could have plenty of value for teams like the Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.


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