Phils announcers are 7th-best in MLB, says a listeners poll by The Athletic: Scott Franzke (play-by-play), Larry Andersen and Kevin Frandsen (analysts)

Chemistry. Rapport. Highly entertaining banter.

However you want to put it, Franzke and Andersen clearly have that special something. As one fan put it, they “feed off of each other like no other broadcasters I’ve listened to or watched.” “

Franzke has a great voice, great cadence, and he describes the situation well and with the requisite energy,” one respondent wrote. “L.A. has just the right amount of curmudgeon and distaste for umpires to make it entertaining.” While Franzke is lauded for his play-by-play skills — “if he started broadcasting for another team, I’d honestly consider being a fan of that team instead,” one person wrote — perhaps his best quality, another listener said, “is his ability to simultaneously encourage and undercut Larry Andersen’s endearing crotchetiness.” Andersen, according to listeners, comes off as irreverent without being out of touch.

Meanwhile, another former big-leaguer has his share of supporters. “Kevin Frandsen has been successfully integrated as a third member to an already immensely popular duo. No reason to watch the TV broadcast in Philly. Ever.”

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