There’s going to be a stampede to O.J.’s front door the minute he’s released for an interview with him. (ESPN has already says they want a sitdown, and they’d be fools if they didn’t.) But O.J. doesn’t need them anymore. O.J. can get a Twitter account and an Instagram account and do a Facebook Live with O.J. every night if he wants to. You can make a strong argument that we are more eager to hear from O.J. Simpson right now than we were in the days after the trial ended. Our O.J. hunger has grown rather than sated.

The difference, this time, is that O.J. gets to play along. He’s not walled off by lawyers or worried about saying the wrong thing. He can just be one of us. He won’t need to go swipe his old memorabilia anymore: He can just go online and hawk whatever he wants, personally, and we can just Venmo him the cash if we want. Heck, if things get too hard, he can fire up a Patreon. You don’t think tens of thousands of strangers wouldn’t give O.J. Simpson Patreon money? All he has to do is ask: