By Peter Gleason

One of the oldest and grandest traditions in the NFL is opposition coaches blowing smoke up the asses of the media about an upcoming opponent.

Enter Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks, who play the Eagles this Sunday at the Linc in the wild card.

“They’re a championship team,” Carroll said during a conference call with reporters. “They’ve shown that makeup and I’m sure it comes right from the top.”

A lot has changed since the Eagles’ 17-9 loss to Seattle on Nov. 24.

Greg Ward was getting his first action of the season, Miles Sanders was still developing into a main running back, and Andre Dillard was playing right tackle for the first (and possibly only) time in his career.

“They’ve really rallied well,” Carroll said. “They’ve played like a championship team down the stretch, and to put together the four games to win it and to ice it with a big win over Dallas, it just shows that their leadership from the coaches on down is really strong. I mean, I really admirably watched them hang tough and put together a great finish to the year.”

The Eagles may be playing better, but their injury situation hasn’t improved since the team’s last meeting at the Linc. Brandon Brooks missed the first game, but is now headed for shoulder surgery after being placed on injured reserve. Lane Johnson also missed the game, and will likely be questionable with a high ankle sprain this time around.
“Some of the names are different, but the style of play and the way Coach called the offense and the defense and how they do their stuff doesn’t look different,” Carroll said. “I don’t know what Miles Sanders’ deal is, but Boston Scott is so much in the same vein, the same style, type of guys who are really exciting football players, they know how to use their guys, so we’re just going to expect them to do as they do.”

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