By Peter Gleason

Forget all the argle bargle you have ready about the competition between Matt Barkley and Tim Tebow for the prized spot as Eagles’ No. 3 quarterback.

The reality is that decision was baked in to the Eagles’ cake when Chip Kelly made the decision six months ago to sign Tebow.

Tebow’s signing was just the most public showing of how disappointed the organization had grown with Barkley.

Barkley was shopped before, during and after the draft and the Eagles found no takers. Finally, the Arizona Cardinals bit Friday giving up as close to nothing as you could — a conditional seventh round draft pick.

According to Fox Sports, which reported the story first, the Eagles only get the pick if Barkley is on the Cards’ roster for six games. So watch the transaction wire closely after week five.

Barkley was taken with the first pick of the fourth round in 2013, the Eagles throwing away a 7th-round pick to move up ahead of Andy Reid and Kansas City to take him. His first camp, shared with Mike Vick and Nick Foles, he showed some promise in a raw form, maybe.

In his second camp, with Foles and now Mark Sanchez — and by the way when the team signed Sanchez and then signed him again that was also the writing on the wall that Barkley was persona not grata — he looked worse.

When Kelly refused to play him in the meaningless last game of the 2014 season against the Giants, opting instead to send Sanchez out there, it screamed volumes.

This summer Barkley appeared to, well, he lost out to Tebow, who had been out of the league for two years and was brand new to Kelly’s system. What’s that say?

Now Barkley heads to the desert outside of Phoenix where former Eagles (Kevin Kolb) and former USC Trojans (Matt Leinert) have failed before him. Maybe the change does him good. It couldn’t be any worse for him, because his time with the Eagles was over.


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