By Theodore N. Beitchman

Here’s the thing about the Inquirer and its crackpot lefty blogger Will Bunch:

They are almost always wrong.

And they are stuck in the past.

Most notably when it comes to Philly business.

Or Penn State in the wake of the Sandusky scandal.

And now Bankroll, the spectacular new sports bar in which Paul Martino sunk $25 million to transform the empty, shabby and decrepit Boyd Theater into the best addition to Chestnut Street since Liberty Place, which the Inquirer opposed too!

Every newspaper in America, even great ones like the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, have had a tough time adjusting to the new digital world order, created by the Internet and the iPhone.

The Big 3 have held their own balancing appeal to older readers who prefer holding the print version and younger visitors who would never pick up a newspaper because they get everything they want on their phones.

Sort of like making Model T Fords and buggy whips at the same time in the same plant. One was a growing asset 100 years ago and one was diminishing.

No big city paper has diminished as fast and as deeply as the Inquirer.

It still publishes a scrawny print edition (with few ads, except paid death notices) and a digital version that is so devoid of what we used to call “news” that it depends on “opinion” pieces to try to give it heft.

“Everybody’s entitled to his own opinion,” the late, great Pat Moynihan said, “but everyone’s not entitled to his own facts.”

Here’s an opinion:

Inky blogger Bunch is a crackpot and so reflexively out to lunch on most issues that his picture might as well be next to the Fox News dictionary definition of woke.

Here’s a fact:

The Inquirer hates the fact that Pennsylvania passed legalized gambling back in 2004, and it still hates it, even though the industry has created 35,000 new jobs and exponentially greater ripple effect economy activity.

Check out Inky editorials on the subject going back to the early-1990s, when Philly thought it was going to host riverboat gambling.

Nearly every editorial on the subject had a headline with a variation of:


Not only is that witless, but the same headline has been used under at least five owners of the paper!

Here’s an opinion based on verifiable facts:

The Inquirer is correctly perceived as anti-business, and Bunch’s blog is one of the big reasons.

Bunch is so angry and wrong about so many things that it’s impossible to quantify.

But try this one on:

In 2011, when ex-assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was accused and indicted and later convicted of raping young boys in a Penn State athletic facility, the football program paid a steep price:

Coach Joe Paterno was fired and the NCAA vacated Penn State football’s wins from 1998-2011 and levied a $60 million fine against the school. It banned Penn State from the post-season for four years and reduced football scholarships from 25 to 15 for four years. The program was to be on probation for five years.

After being sued, the NCAA rolled back the sanctions in January 2015: Paterno had 111 wins returned to him, again making him the all-time wins leader for a head coach at the FBS level. The $60 million fine will stay in Pennsylvania. The scholarship limits and post-season play ban were earlier removed.

That wasn’t enough for crackpot Bunch, who suggested:

Breaking up the Penn State University system.

Not the football program.

Not the athletic department.

The whole system, which at the time was comprised of 24 campuses, encompassing more than 22,000 acres, across the Commonwealth—a campus within practical commuting distance of virtually every Pennsylvanian.

So now Bunch has declared Bankroll not worthy of your patronage because its chief investor, Paul Martino, is politically active in the school choice movement in Bucks County, which Bunch disapproves of.

And as usual he goes to extremes to make his point:

As if Bunch knows what “anything less Philly might be”!

He attended a prep school in Tarrytown, NY and then Brown, where he must have majored in “Attytood,” which was the nonsensical name of the column he wrote for the Daily News.

I am not a big believer in Cancel Culture.

But Bunch and the Inky are trying to kill Bankroll in its crib, all because the politics of the owner are not up to Bunch’s standards.


Give me Stu Bykofsky any day!

Cancel the Inky and crackpot Will Bunch.

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