By Michael Donovan

The Eagles got ammunition in their argument that Ravens’ linebacker Terrell Suggs took a cheap shot when he low-bridged Eagles’ quarterback Sam Bradford last Saturday night.

And it is coming from Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston:

I like Suggs. I like the way he clowns around and has fun. A team needs characters like him just as much as they need a bunch of tough guys, like guard Marshal Yanda.

But sometimes Suggs goes too far and the Ravens don’t have anyone who can tone him down. Coach John Harbaugh won’t because of Suggs’ superstar status and possible Hall of Fame credentials. Plus, Harbaugh is similar to Suggs in some respects: an impulsive person who sometimes instantly acts out of emotion. …

After practice Monday the Ravens tried to defend Suggs by saying he did exactly what he was taught. Sorry, if that’s the case then it’s wrong to teach a player to go after a quarterback’s knees. … I bet you the Ravens wouldn’t be so happy if this cheap shot was taken at quarterback Joe Flacco. Actually, it reminds me of Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines Ward and those peel-back blocks from the blind side he used to make on the Ravens during interception returns. Former Ravens safety Ed Reed had great respect for Ward’s playing ability, but thought the blocks were unnecessary.

They were legal, but cheap. Regardless of the Ravens defense, the Eagles were right in challenging Suggs’ character. In the words that former Ravens coach Brian Billick made famous in Baltimore, “It is what it is.”

In this case, it was cheap.

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