By Harry Allison

Add former great Eagles running back Brian Westbrook to the majority of gridheads who think that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has screwed up Deflategate.

“I think they gave him some powers that he shouldn’t have had in the first place,” B-Wes told CSNNE.com. “I think that has to fall upon the players’ shoulders as far as the CBA and the negotiations. The players were so concerned with the amount of practices and the pay scale that they kind of neglected some of the smaller things that weren’t important at the time, but now are playing a big role in this Tom Brady saga.”

As for Deflategate, which went through Tuesday without a ruling by judge Richard Berman, Westbrook says he believes that Brady’s suspension will be reduced to “one or two games.”

Regardless of outcome, this case has been the toughest test yet of the judge, jury and executioner power currently held by Goodell.


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