By Barbara Harrison

Attention to those in what passes for the Philly media who already think Chip Kelly is a failure as coach and will be an absolute disaster as Supreme Leader:

Especially the Daily News’ Marcus Hayes, who thinks of himself as the oracle of all things sports and annoyingly looks down his nose at those who don’t agree with him.

Check out the back-and-forth he had on CSN with the Inquirer’s Mike Sielski, a far better writer and columnist, who found himself defending himself and his opinions from the unctuous Hayes:

“You really love Chip Kelly, don’t you!

Kelly’s first foray into the arcane world of picking NFL players was a success, even if Ray Didinger found a reason to carp about Kelly not snagging an O-lineman.

Kelly quietly subverted a lot of our expectations during this year’s draft. Of course, some of that might have been because the Titans weren’t interested in any sort of offer for Marcus Mariota, but after a wild free-agency period, Kelly didn’t do anything so dramatic in the draft. He used his first-round pick on Nelson Agholor, and while Agholor is yet another Pac-12 player on Kelly’s roster, the 6-foot pass-catcher isn’t exactly the sort of mammoth wideout he usually seeks out. Kelly didn’t deal any of the veterans he was rumored to have on the block, like Evan Mathis and Mychal Kendricks.

And while he traded up to grab Utah cornerback Eric Rowe, Kelly really didn’t do anything that stands out as particularly egregious or value-ignorant. He went after well-regarded players with his first three picks without obviously reaching for a player who would have likely been available two or three rounds later.


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