By Sam Bush

Phillies pitchers and catchers are due in Clearwater in just 25 days, Feb. 14, and GM Matt Klentak is rulling out nothing when it comes to adding pitcher like Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta.

“I’m going to pursue opportunities,” Klentak told “If there is one that makes sense for us, I’m going to bring it to [the owners]. That’s exactly what happened with Carlos Santana. I know that we’re turning over every rock, exploring different avenues. It’s just a matter of whether everything lines up. With a talented young team, we want to give opportunities to our young players to develop into the next core. The only way they will get that opportunity is by playing. It’s a balancing act. If the market falls, we would like to be active.”

“We have a lot of fifth starters,” Klentak said. “Like a good, solid fourth starter would be fine. That takes pressure off them, that’s fine. I’d like to do better than that, but that’s fine. To add just a guy for the sake of adding a guy, that doesn’t interest me.

“It’s been a relatively slow-developing free-agent market. Consequentially, it’s also been a relatively slow-developing trade market. At some point, I expect those markets will break.”


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