By Jerry Wein

So, the Bden Simmons saga seems like it will go on forever.

Or at least past the NBA’s definition of forever — the Feb. 10 trade deadline.

Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on “NBA Today,” the situation could go until the NBA draft:

There is no movement, and listen, we may be in this situation all the way until the draft.

Right now, you look at Philadelphia and the kind of players available to them in a Ben Simmons trade, a Harrison Barnes in Sacramento, Domantas Sabonis, Indiana, and listen, John Collins in Atlanta, that’s not going to move the needle at this point for Ben Simmons and listen, they would especially positionally with those players power forwards for Philly.

It doesn’t make any sense. Hypothetically, if they took any of those guys on in big deals, and still have Tobias Harris on your roster at the same position making closer to $40 million a year over the following two seasons and so unless they could expand a deal, make it bigger.

Woj wasn’t done:

Listen, Atlanta is not taking back Tobias Harris in a deal with Ben Simmons. Could they route Tobias Harris somewhere else? Listen, it is a lot of money on his contract. Right now, Philadelphia continues to be content to wait and their philosophy all along has been if we get a trade package back, that doesn’t make us a championship contender, doesn’t get us back to that level that we felt we were with with Ben Simmons, we’re not doing it. I think even with a month left to the deadline, there’s a real chance this goes on beyond the deadline.

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