Howie Roseman, the genius behind the miracle of 14 months ago, is blowing it this time, Cataldi writes on

In fact, Roseman is performing a magic trick right now, misdirecting fans with popular moves that are hiding his far more significant mistakes.

The best example is the return of DeSean Jackson, purged during Roseman’s season in exile by Chip Kelly five years ago, amid a torrent of negative stories ranging from a faked burglary to gang ties. Even at his lowest point, Jackson was a fan favorite because he runs almost as fast as he talks. He is, in a word, exciting.

Jackson also fills an obvious need, stretching the field on offense, but at what cost? When Roseman traded next to nothing for the temperamental wide receiver, the GM also added to a budget-busting $34-million investment in the wide-receiver position. No one in the media even picked up on the fact that Roseman is spending $32 million more on pass catchers than runners.

Meanwhile, since a good argument can be made for bringing back ancient, injury-prone left tackle Jason Peters at around $10 million, fans have shrugged and said, hey, somebody has to protect equally fragile quarterback Carson Wentz. The truth is, Peters is a calamity-in-waiting. He left the field with injuries — are you ready for this? — 11 times in 16 games last season:

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