He should check his facts — 27-year-old Darin Ruff is actually older than 26-year-old Domonic Brown — and recognize that his beloved Wing Bowl is the silliest and most hideous event on the sports calendar

By Theodore N. Beitchman

Angelo Cataldi makes a fool of himself every morning, Monday through Friday, on WIP, and he doubles down on Tuesday in the Metro.

Cataldi and his zoo pals spend the better part of four and a half hours on the air taking shots at the usual suspects — Jimmy Rollins, Andrew Bynum and Josh Harris, whom he still insists wants to move the Sixers to Newark even though there isn’t a shred of evidence to support that delusion.

On Tuesdays, however, he stands all by himself in the Metro, the giveaway rag that makes USA Today seem as comprehensive as the New York Times.

Cataldi shills for his friends and goes after the obvious targets like the Phils’ Domonic Brown, whom he thinks is an underachieving and overrated load who can’t hit, can’t field in left and should be cut in favor of Darin Ruf, who also can’t field but is a power hitter on a team that has little power.

I agree with him.

However, as usual, Cataldi gets his facts wrong. He writes “ … Ruf is still young at 27 …” That is true but Brown, who somehow made the all-star team in 2013 based on an otherworldly six-week period in the spring, is only 26.

Sorry, Angelo. As Pat Moynihan advised, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but everyone is not entitled to his own facts.”

So your point is pointless, as many that you make are.

But he also opined in today’s Metro about last week’s NBA draft lottery, in which the Sixers snagged the third and 10th picks, which GM San Hinkie will use to greatly upgrade this woeful team.

Cataldi doesn’t know anything about pro hoops and doesn’t like Hinkie because he won’t appear on his show, which of course is a rite of passage in Philly. Or so Cataldi thinks. He also thinks “transparency,” another word for appearing on Cataldi’s air, is what fans want, when in fact all they want is a winner.

Here is what Cataldi wrote today: “The only thing lacking last week from the Sixers’ participation in the silliest annual event on the sports calendar, the NBA lottery, was a laugh track. Men in suits opening envelopes on national television is ripe for mockery under the best of circumstances, and our gang of misfits only added to the hilarity this time around.” He then went on to make fun of Julius Erving’s seeming cluelessness when Philly was awarded the 10th pick.

“The silliest event on the sports calendar?”

This coming from the biggest shill of the most hideous event on Philly’s calendar — the Wing Bowl, when slobs and narcissists down as many wings as they can while making fools of themselves before 20,000 people.

The common theme here is the word fool, which Cataldi knows all too well.


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