Reid, in khaki shorts (Lord—it’s six degrees outside), plush moccasins, a puffy black parka and black ski cap, pulled up in his blue pickup at 3:07, writes NBC Sports’ Peter King.

In 51 minutes with him, no question bugged him—not one about the 2012 death of his son Garrett, not one about getting fired in Philly, not one about the pain of telling Alex Smith he was about to draft his successor, not one about never winning The Big One, despite being the sixth-winningest coach in NFL history. (Head-coaching seasons for Reid: 21. Championships: 0. Titles won by the five winningest NFL coaches ever: 26.) Let’s start there.

“How much do you think about what the outside world thinks?” I asked. “Which is: Reid’s a hell of a coach, but he’s never won a championship. He can’t really be one of the great ones. How much do you hear that, and does the narrative bother you?”

“No, listen,” Reid said, like he’s answering a question about the weather. Routine. “I try in every game, for that two hours, to rip your heart out the best I can. Right? I love doing this. I love the competition. That’s why we all do this.

“You just took the drive that I take every day and there’s nothing to the outside world right there. It’s calm, it’s dark, and then I go in this building and I study. Then when I leave it’s dark. It’s calm, and I go home and sleep and rest and then come back and do it again. That to me, is what’s real. That’s what I enjoy. I don’t worry about the other stuff. I don’t go there. Everybody’s gonna have their opinion on whether you can coach or can’t coach. Or this or that. I’ve been doing it a long time. Loved every minute. I love the relationships maybe most of all. I love putting the strategy together with my young coaches. I get in there and grind with them. I got some great minds that love to study and be creative.

“Everything else? Eh. It is what it is.”

FMIA—3 A.M. Wakeup Call with Andy Reid: Talking Meatballs, Mahomes and Trying To Rip Out Hearts in Miami

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