From Dana O’Neil of The Athletic:

The essence of Philly sports lives in people like Jack Scheuer.

Salt of the earth, funny, occasionally glib and ever-present. That last part, that’s what Philly is about, that’s what it values. Show up. Do the job.

For more than 50 years, Jack showed up and did the job, starting at the Bulletin and then spending four decades as an Associated Press reporter. He stuck around long after some of us left for alleged greener pastures and bigger jobs. He understood what maybe the world needs to learn a little better:

Your backyard is pretty damned sweet if you look hard enough.

Jack died at 88 on Friday, taking with him the all-time scoring record at the Palestra, hard won in thousands of pickup games; an encyclopedic knowledge of Philly sports; too many bad jokes to count; and the gratitude of so many of us who learned by watching him, even when he didn’t know we were looking.