By Tom Brennan

There’s buzz in Indy about Colts coach Frank Reich reuniting with Carson Wentz of the Eagles, who is clearly missing the rapport he had with Reich, who was Philly’s offensive coordinator in 2017.

That gossip brought out one commentator who said no F-ing way!

Pat McAfee, a one-time All-Pro punter, now hosts a popular sports-talk show on Sirius XM radio. He hates the rumored idea of bringing in the “broken” Eagles quarterback.

His reasoning for not wanting Wentz in a blue horseshoe helmet is two-fold.

First, why would anyone want an albatross of a contract that will pay Wentz an average annual salary of $32 million?

Secondly, the 27-year-old looks utterly confused and completely broken. McAfee compared Wentz to two notable fictional characters: Humpty Dumpty and Mr. Potato Head. Both went falling to pieces and couldn’t be repaired. Interesting analogy.

“We don’t need Carson Wentz out here. No. No,” McAfree said, via the Indianapolis Star. “We didn’t need to play … Humpty Dumpty or Mr. Potato Head. We don’t need to be the team that coddles you and just puts you back together, okay. We got a team over here.”

“Why is everybody putting Carson Wentz on the Colts? Because of Frank Reich, I get it. OK. Frank Reich and he had a lot of success together,” said McAfee, via the Indianapolis Star. “Guess who else had great success with Frank Reich? Nick (expletive) Foles.”

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