The prevalence of internet casinos has continued to grow in New Zealand.

Many features contribute to the wide acceptance of internet casinos in New Zealand.

These features include remote access, convenience, reward, incentives, and many more. One crucial feature is the method of payment.

The method of payment is a vital factor to consider before using a casino. Casinos in New Zealand accept a wide variety of payment options. It is vital for New Zealand players to identify the best among them. This article will talk about how American Express casinos work. It will also highlight its features and advantages.

The Legality of Online Casinos in New Zealand

Some countries in the world do not permit gambling. Gambling is a highly regulated activity. It is legal to gamble in New Zealand. However, some laws govern the activity in New Zealand. Before signing up on any platform, New Zealand players need to know about the rules and regulations. This will help them avoid any illegality.

Activities involving gaming are governed in New Zealand by the Gambling Commission. Players must verify that a casino complies with the commission’s standards. This will spare them any legal trouble.

Getting Started With American Express casinos

It is not difficult to get started with AMEX casinos. The first thing to do is to get an AMEX card. Fortunately, all AMEX cards are valid and acceptable in New Zealand casinos. Below are the three types of AMEX cards:

  • Credit cards: Players can stake and pay back the money over a period.
  • Prepaid cards: With this card, players can make direct deposits. The card requires no minimum deposit.
  • Charge cards: This works similarly to credit cards. The difference is that players must make repayments at the end of every month.

The next thing to do is to find an AMEX casino. There are many casinos in New Zealand using American Express as a payment method.

  • Create an account after obtaining a card.
  • Select your favorite card by going to the site’s payment page.
  • Start playing your favorite games!
  • Depositing Funds on an AMEX Casino

Depositing money at AMEX casinos is a simple procedure. All that is needed is a computer or smart device with internet access. Apply these procedures to fund AMEX casinos:

  • Open a profile at any AMEX casino of your choosing.
  • Browse the casino’s payments tab.
  • Choose a card of your choosing on the tab.
  • Input the details of your AMEX card. This includes the card number, CVV code, expiry date, and password.
  • Enter the authorization code. The casino will send an authorization code to you via SMS to confirm the ongoing activity.
  • Input some NZ$ and start playing! The balance will be visible on your account upon deposit approval.

You can start playing and earning real money after following these steps.

\Withdrawing Funds With AMEX Casinos

The most satisfying part of playing casino games is earning. Withdrawing your earnings is as seamless as making a deposit. The following steps will guide you:

  • Make sure your winning is reflected in your account.
  • Visit the platform’s payment page.
  • Make sure AMEX is an option for the transaction.
  • Enter the sum you want to remove in NZD.
  • Confirm the transaction and wait for the money

Withdrawing funds using AMEX is quick and takes no longer than a business day. Bank processing may however delay the transaction. It will take up to five working days for the money to reflect on your card.

What Are the Limits on Deposits and Withdrawals?

It is vital to note the deposit and withdrawal limits on AMEX casinos. These limits are dependent on two factors. Firstly, there is an imposed limit on an American Express credit card. You may not be able to deposit more than your available credit. Secondly, casinos also impose their limit.

Withdrawal limits are set by the casinos. This may vary across different platforms in New Zealand. The good news for New Zealand players is that AMEX allows the withdrawal of a high amount of money.

The Security of AMEX Casinos

AMEX does not take the security of its users with levity. They use two-factor authentication to guarantee the security of your funds. The two-factor authentication is a product of AMEX SafeKey to protect funds against fraudulent activities. Whenever fraudulent activity is detected, the AMEX activates security measures like timeouts and confirmation emails.


With the growing rate of online gambling, it is vital to be aware of the best available platforms. AMEX casinos guarantee you every form of convenience there is. They have a swift deposit system. Their withdrawals are seamless. The safety of your funds is assured. Go through this article and get started.

A huge thanks to John Gold, the BetPokies’ professional columnist, who gave birth to this article.

Note: If you have a gambling addiction you can call the toll-free number Gambling Helpline: 0800 654 655.

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