By Peter Gleason

In the past two seasons DeSean Jackson formed brief chemistry with the Colts’ newly-acquired quarterback in Carson Wentz.

And now that the 34-year-old D-Jax and his hefty salary have been ditched by the Eagles, Indy could be an intriguing destination for him next season.

The Colts are also not known to have a deep receiving rotation. Due to their lack of weapons on the wings, former QB1 Philip Rivers often turned to tight end Zach Doyle for contributions in the scoring department. In addition, rookie wideout Michael Pittman Jr. has yet to come to his own and will definitely need to see more action in order to develop as a solid receiver in the league.

On that note, Jackson can come in and provide a boost to their receiving unit while also taking Pittman and their other young wideouts under his wing. Seeing how the Colts almost toppled the Buffalo Bills in last season’s Wild Card Round, the team is definitely a piece or two away from making a better postseason run in the coming seasons, assuming that the Wentz experiment turned out to be successful.

All these teams can certainly help DeSean Jackson have a new lease in his career but his success ultimately hinges on his capability to remain healthy in the years to come.

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