By Harvey Hoffman

Eagles star receiver DeSean Jackson has accepted an invitation by Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp following controversy over posting a quote by Adolf Hitler over Instagram, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The announcement was made today during a Zoom video call between Jackson and Mosberg, who held the call dressed in the uniform he wore in Mathausen.

During the call explained that “I grew up in Los Angeles, and never really spent time with anyone from the Jewish community and didn’t know much about their history, this has been such a powerful experience for me to learn and educate myself.”

He added that “I want to take the proper steps to let people know that I never intentionally had any hatred in my heart, I never wanted to put the Jewish community down, I want to educate myself more and help bridge the gaps between all different cultures.”

Following his initial post, which sparked widespread backlash, Jackson was invited to visit Auschwitz by Mosberg last week, who said that the trip would be set up by From The Depths, an organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust, of which Mosberg is honorary chairman.

“Dialogue is the key to making this crazy world we live in a better place, with everything so divided is so powerful to bring us all together,” From The Depths founder Jonny Daniels, who initiated the Zoom call between Jackson and Mosberg, said in a statement.

“We are working with DeSean and his team to set dates for this trip to go ahead and are happy that DeSean agreed.”