By Barbara Harrison

Since the Phillies have the worst record in baseball and are also soooooooooooo boring to watch, most Phils fans have shifted their concentration to the game of musical players, otherwise known as the trading season.

And the biggest chip in the Phillies’ quiver — maybe the only chip — is ace lefty Cole Hamels.

Here’s what Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com thinks:

Cole Hamels doesn’t want to go to the Blue Jays and probably won’t accept the Astros, either.

However, there are still nine teams he’d OK’d on his list and a few more he might (though he’d likely require his 2019 option be picked up to approve teams not on his preferred list).

The Red Sox and Rangers have been linked to Hamels most often, but word is Boston won’t blink on Mookie Betts or Blake Swihart and Texas won’t budge on catching prospect Jorge Alfaro and outfield prospect Nomar Mazara.

The Dodgers would seem to have the need and wherewithal, though likewise, there’s no chance they’d give up shortstop prospect Corey Seager or pitching prospect Julio Urias, either.

It’s been a big gamble holding Hamels this long, but one rival GM said he still believes the Phillies ultimately get the top-20 prospect they seek from somewhere. Hard to see which one, though.

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